Things To Do In Rajasthan

hot air ballooning

Rajasthan is considered to be the most royal state, as the place is rich in amazing locales, delicious food, and various exciting attractions. Apart from its exhilarating heritage and beauty, there are various Rajasthan things to do. Whether you are an adventure lover, a culture lover, or a history enthusiast, the place has something in store for every enthusiast. Let’s dive into certain amazing things that make the trip even better and lovable. Witness a heartwarming experience while on a vacation at the place, and experience an awesome trip. 

Zip lining

Experience zipping from one cliff to another and experience great views on your way, especially the view of majestic forts. Try out the zip lining in Neemrana and Mehrangarh fort and witness an exciting view. While both the forts provide great views, Neemrana Fort serves as the ideal option that allows you to experience some exciting views.

Hot air ballooning

Floating in the sky just like a bird via a hot air balloon in Rajasthan is exciting among tourists. Soar amidst the clouds, and witness the mind-blowing view of lush greenery and majestic structures. Experience panoramic scenery and navigate the sky and enjoy the one-hour ride while experiencing a cool and fresh breeze and soothing sunset or sunrise.


Rajasthan is the home of the best bird and wildlife sanctuary that serves as the best thing to do in Jaipur with family. Witness elephants, tigers, bears, boars, and various species of birds, along with various other species of wildlife sanctuary. Ensure to wear sober and comfortable clothes, and don’t wear strong perfume.

Desert camping

An exciting glamping site serves as the most popular desert camping site that allows you to experience the thrill. Enjoy lively folk dance, starlit sky, delicious meals, exciting puppet shows, and cozy beddings that make camping more exciting. Witness an extraordinary experience, especially during winter.

Chokhi Dhani

Experience the real taste of Rajasthan which possesses royal hospitality that gives an exciting experience. Taste delicious cuisine with a touch of warm hospitality that also provides you with great decor and service. Enjoy the cultural folk dance that seems to be highly enthralling. 

Anhaneri step well

Witness the ravishing structure by visiting it or by witnessing it through the sky via a skywaltz balloon safari. Also known as Chand Baori, it serves as a shining star in historical architecture. The most exciting thing to perform in Rajasthan is to visit the ancient structure and admire its beauty. The site impresses tourists with its giant size and sheer excellence, and it will make the trip more exciting.


Trekking in this place could be tiring and tough during a hot climate, but on a windy day, it could become a terrific experience. Witness colorful birds and lush greenery during the trek along with interaction with locals. Mount Abu trek is the most preferred trek for adventure enthusiasts which makes the trip more memorable.

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Dune bashing

Dune bashing serves as one of the most exciting and famous sports that offer a real feel of adventure. Drive an SUV in the wide desert seems to be a great experience and allows you to try out something new in your life. If you don’t possess an SUV, you could easily rent from some neighboring dealer and have a blasting experience amidst the huge desert.