Things to Do At London City Airport

London City Airport is an international airport in the Royal Docks area of London, United Kingdom. It is the fifth-busiest airport serving the London area and one of the few minor airports in the city. The airport is mainly used for short-haul flights to destinations in Europe and is popular among business travellers due to its proximity to London’s financial district. The distance between Maidenhead and London City Airport is approximately 27 miles by road. If you travel by taxi, the journey from Maidenhead to London City Airport may take 45–60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. However, the travel time may vary depending on the time of day and traffic congestion. Making travel plans ahead of time and budgeting additional time for unexpected delays is always advisable. Here are some things to do at London City Airport:

What to do at London City Airport:

If you have some time to spare at the airport, you should explore the various shops in the terminal. You can find multiple duty-free items, travel essentials, and souvenirs you can take home or give as gifts. There’s something for everyone, from cosmetics and perfumes to chocolates and liquor. You can also find travel-size toiletries, adapters , and other items you may still need to pack. And if you’re looking for a unique souvenir to remember your trip, you can check out the local handicrafts and souvenirs. Leave enough time to get through security and make it to your gate on time.


You can stop by one of the airport’s eateries or cafés to get something to eat if you’re hungry before your flight. There are typically many options, whether you’re craving a small snack or a large meal. Depending on your mood, you can dine on local or foreign food. Michelin-starred restaurants and even cafes with famous chefs can be found in some airports. Furthermore, you may typically discover solutions that meet your needs if you have dietary preferences or limits. Just verify the eateries’ and cafes’ locations and opening hours, as they could differ according to your terminal or concourse.

Business Lounge:

The business area can be a great place to unwind before your flight if you can get to it. The lounge generally has nice couches, Wi-Fi, and sometimes even snacks and drinks for free. There’s time to relax or catch up on work before departure. Some bars even have showers, spas, and other excellent features to relax your trip. You might need to pay a fee, be a particular credit card programme member, or be a frequent flier to get into the club. Check when and where the lounge is located, as these can change based on the airport and the airline you’re flying with.

Airport Observation:

Suppose you enjoy watching planes take off and land. You should see if there is a viewing deck or a good place to stand. Visiting certain places lets you get a good view of the planes at many airports. Some airports even have terraces to watch the planes land and take off. Airport staff or the airport’s website can help you find these places if you need help finding where to go. Remember that some areas may not allow certain activities or rules to be followed. Watching planes while they wait for their trip can be fun and educational for kids.

Relaxation Areas:

If you’re looking to relax and unwind before your flight, some airports offer designated quiet zones or relaxation areas. These areas are designed to provide a peaceful atmosphere that is serene and conducive to rest and recharge before your journey. Some relaxation areas have comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and even soothing music or nature sounds. Other airports have designated quiet zones with minimal noise, allowing you to read, meditate, or relax in silence. You can ask the airport staff or check the airport’s website to find the location of these areas. Leave enough time to get to your gate and enter security before your flight.

Internet and Charging Stations:

If you need to charge your devices or get online, you can establish a connection to the airport’s Wi-Fi and use the available charging stations. Many airports offer free Wi-Fi, allowing you to maintain relationships with loved ones and friends or finish work while waiting for your flight. You can usually find charging stations throughout the airport, including in the seating areas and near the boarding gates. Some airports even have charging stations with built-in tables or workspaces, making it easy to stay productive while you charge your devices. Just bring your devices the necessary charging cables and adapters, as the charging stations may have different types of ports available.

Airport Services:

Many airports offer additional services to enhance your travel experience. Some airports provide spa services such as massages, facials, and manicures. These services can help you relax before your journey. You can also find travel assistance at some airports to help you get to the airport or your destination. Examples of such services include travel concierge and language translation services. Additionally, several airports offer baggage services where you can check, store, or deliver your bags. You can check the airport’s website or ask the staff for further information regarding these services.