How Casino Chips are manufactured today?

If you have ever seen or played a game of casino, there is a chance you inquired about how real poker chips are manufactured. Anyone who has played a game of cards in both casinos as well as at home using commercial poker chips must have noticed the variations in sizes, colours, designs and textural imprints for each poker chip. In this article, we have sliced into the issue and will let you know exactly how modern chips are made and what materials are used.

There are primarily two methods that are used to manufacture casino and commercial poker chips. The most common among them is a process called injection moulding, which utilises ABS plastic as the primary material. The second method is compression moulding in which clay is used. Now, let us take a closer look at how modern poker chips are made.

How are casino chips manufactured today?

Most casino chip manufacturers nowadays use the process of compression moulding to manufacture casino and commercial-grade chips. Dating back 70 years ago, not a single poker chip manufactured was manufactured entirely of clay. A specific percentage of the properties involved in the manufacturing process consists of earthen materials such as sand, chalk and even the kind of clay that is used in the production of cat litter called bentonite which is the ingredient that allows the material to clump together.

Despite the fact that the material and its grade completely depend on the manufacturer, the engineering process of manufacturing real casino poker chips remains a trade secret. The edge spots of a casino poker chip are never painted as you would usually witness on a typical commercial poker set. Particular areas of the poker chip undergo a clay removal process in which particular areas of the disc-shaped currency are removed and replaced with a different colour.

Between the procedure of indenting the chips one by one and printing graphics using inlays clad with plastic films, the trade secret of manufacturing can be easily identified as these chips are relatively expensive and provide a premium feel to the player.

Security and durability of modern poker chips

The improvement in technology has improved the development of poker chips in and out of casinos. People are not completely aware of what materials exactly are used in the compression moulding and injection process for the manufacturing of casino chips. Although it is known that, alongside a percentage of other elements is used throughout the compression moulding process.

Not only it offers an added layer of security in terms of duplicate and fraud but also acts as a solution to avoid having to spend more money on the manufacturing of new chips considering they are now made with a formula designed especially for improved durability.

Signs of a Real Casino Poker Chip

It’s a common misinterpretation that poker chips in every casino are equally standardised. Although this is concerning to the manufactured processing, the sizes differ from one casino to the next. For example, many players believed that a casino chip had to weigh exactly 11.5 grams, but it is a myth.

Throughout the entire city of Las Vegas, casino chips vary in weight starting at 8.5 grams all the way up to 10.6 grams. This is usually what the chips in high-quality commercial platforms weigh as well.

There are some cases that occurred in Las Vegas where casinos have cashed out players in possession of foreign poker chips from other parts of the country and sometimes, internationally. It must be kept in notice that as long as two casinos are owned by the same company, it’s pretty much a safe bet that you will get to spend the same chip in the two places.

The future of casino chips

Chips are tactile and are one of the best ways to stay in control of your betting. Get $100 worth of chips and when they are gone, just give up. Some casinos have introduced digital systems in which many modern chips are embedded with tiny RFID chips having their own unique identification code that allows casinos to keep track of chips and monitor play.

However, the improvement in technology and introduction of innovations to the online gaming world is leading to more players choosing online modes of gaming. But the fact is, no online platform can deliver the feel, experience and environment that a casino delivers through playing cards, roulette wheels and casino chips.

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