Dental Veneers – The Past & Present Scenario

Do you have the confidence to flaunt that dazzling smile? Do you think that you envy celebrities for those perfectly arranged sparkling whites? Well, if your answer is a yes, then we have something for you. We suggest you search for cosmetic dentistry near me to find the gateway to a beautiful smile.

Evolution of Dentistry

Dentistry has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. In earlier times, dentists used witness extractions and dentures as the prime dental treatments across the globe. Now is the time of modernized sophisticated dentistry. You will definitely find a certified and trained family cosmetic dentistry office in your town. Cosmetic dentistry basically deals with improving your smile. Smile designing is a brand-new concept. It is done completely digitally using simulations available to anxious patients even before the treatment has begun.

Family Cosmetic Dentistry

Your family cosmetic dentistry expert shall first study your existing smile by the means of a series of photographs and study models made from your dental impressions. The next step is to upload all this data into the smile design software, which has an in-built function to match the golden proportion (the way the teeth should be shaped and aligned) to look esthetic as well as natural at the same time. The software will show a simulation of your future smile. Once you approve the result (and you can also suggest corrections as per your will), the dentist will then calculate the estimated treatment cost and quote you the same. The whole treatment case goes into the execution phase, once it is approved by both sides.

Dental Veneers – What is it?

A smile can be designed (altered) by multiple means. Dental tooth-colored bonded fillings are the preliminary means to do so. But nowadays, dental veneers or laminates are trending. The family cosmetic dentistry office will offer you a range of veneers. Veneers are basically an artificial layer of esthetic material that shall cover the front surface of your front teeth so that they all look similar and aligned with respect to each other as well as your facial proportions and your lips. Dental veneers can be chair-side composite veneers or indirect-based ceramic veneers. The latest lithium-disilicate (E-max) veneers are the strongest and offer the best longevity.

Dental Veneers – How is it fabricated?

Your family cosmetic dentistry office shall first shape the front surface of your teeth so that they can receive the dental veneers. Then the dental impressions are made. The next step is performed in the dental lab where the dentist will design and fabricate your custom-made dental veneers, specific to each tooth. It will have a particular pre-selected shade, hue, and chroma to match your remaining teeth and desired smile. The fabricated dental veneers once delivered to your cosmetic dentist; shall then be bonded over your prepared teeth surfaces by your family cosmetic dental specialist. Eventually, the dental veneers are finished and polished. Once bonded, you are ready to flaunt that flawless custom-made smile of yours.

Dental Veneers – Frequently asked questions

I know that you are still wondering, how the dentist would shape my teeth. Will they be grounded? Will they be weakened? What if my dental veneer just falls off? Will I be able to eat everything after the treatment? Is it going to hurt me?

Dental veneers need minimal tooth preparation which is within the enamel (white) layer of your teeth. So, shaping of the teeth shall not hurt, but you may be administered local anesthesia for the process. Once bonded, they will just feel natural and you can bite and eat all regular food without any trouble. If veneers break, they can be easily repaired. Dental veneers that are designed and fabricated by the best dental labs have lasted more than a decade, some even longer than that.

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