How To Build a Social Media Team That Gets Results

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Social media is crucial for increasing brand awareness and driving business growth. As of 2023, more than 5 billion users are using social networks worldwide. This number is growing, and experts anticipate that by 2027, social media will have around 5.85 billion active users. Brands with well-thought-out strategic social media plans generally see better results, higher sales, and sustainable growth.

This is why having the right team for social media is essential. It’s the key to success.

If you plan to establish a social media marketing team, be aware of your company’s distinct requirements, objectives, goals, and limitations. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all social media team structure that can instantly deliver results. In this article, we will discuss the role of a social media team, the reasons for scaling social media teams, and how to create a team. Let’s begin.

Role of a Social Media Team

Social media has emerged as an integral component of modern marketing strategies. A social media team is also accountable for establishing, managing, executing, and running social media strategies that align with the business’s goals.

The first step in establishing the foundation for a successful social media team is to identify its objectives. This will also help define the duties and responsibilities of everyone on the team and ensure everyone strives for the same goals.

To write down goals and objectives, consider the following questions:

  • What are you hoping to achieve by establishing a social media profile?
  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • What kind of content do you intend to create and market?
  • What are the desirable ways to measure success?

Your company’s social media team will also be assigned duties and roles that address all of the above-mentioned questions. The team may be further divided into smaller groups or individuals assigned particular responsibilities.

For instance, a social media strategist might develop a month-long plan for a specific client. However, the content creator, graphic designer, community manager, and others cooperate in the implementation.

Reasons for Building and  Scaling Your Social Media Team

Drop in Engagement

If you’re seeing a decline in the number of people engaging with your LinkedIn and other social media platforms, it could be the right time to recruit more team members. A larger group can help by quickly creating more exciting content and responding to messages and comments.

Stagnancy in Growth

If your growth on social media has slowed, you must increase the size of your team. A bigger team will also help by developing more diverse and original content to attract new audiences and using new strategies to boost growth.

Unable to Garner Feedback

Can you gauge your clients’ responses to your services or products? Are your feedback processes still traditional and not accessible through social media? Nowadays, most clients seek out brands to address issues with customer service, including queries about their products and services.

A dedicated team will help you connect with followers, answer their questions, and collect opinions to boost your social media strategy and presence.

No Track of Insights

If you’re not tracking your social media analytics, your efforts will not make much difference. A dedicated team can help you analyse your social media data, identify trends, and make informed decisions to boost the effectiveness of your social media strategies.

Three Steps To Create An Effective Social Media Team

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Determine the Social Strategies and Objectives

It is also vital to ensure that the team responsible for social media aligns with the company’s goals. 

The social strategy should be determined based on what is best for the B2B company, not just to satisfy the requirements of a specific marketing plan. If social networks are crucial now but might not be in two years, decide if you want someone to focus on them now.

It is important to ensure everyone understands the importance of social media platforms by showing examples of how they can be integrated into their routines. This way, each person can make better choices about which platforms require more attention.

Be aware of the importance of social client service and social listening, which are also often overlooked.

This is the time to:

  • Create your list of channels
  • Set up smart KPIs
  • Set up OKRs (if they are required)

Examine Your Resources

You should evaluate your resources before hiring individuals to join the social media team. Create roles, not just posts: use people’s skill sets, not their titles. For example, one person could write content for social networks while another creates content and manages paid/earned social media posts.

Social content production does not have to be handled in-house daily. Many freelancers and agencies offer additional or complete services. Consider integrating them with existing resources to decide what is best for your team.

Large companies, for example, often request management through social media. Agency costs can be quite expensive, and it may also be best to handle social media accounts within your company with staff who are already working and familiar with your company.

Before selecting an agency to handle social media, consider whether your business has the internal capacity to work on this project. Perhaps someone else offers similar services or can create amazing visuals or videos.

Create an Internal Team for Social Media

Consider who should be also part of your social media team. The answer, of course, is contingent on numerous variables:

  • Are you a company or an agency?
  • How many social networks do you use?
  • How often do your posts go out?
  • What types of content do your online pages need?
  • Do you run paid social media ads?

Remember that social interaction is also about teamwork. Ensure that everyone is also aware of their roles. This can prevent confusion when one person is doing something that is supposed to be done by another team member (and vice versa). While social media doesn’t require legal, binding agreements, it is important to establish clear boundaries.

Be aware that technology is constantly changing, so make sure you keep everyone updated on the latest changes to social networks and trends. If a team isn’t up to date on the latest developments, then it’s not worth keeping them in the first place! Set up processes for new members to be educated about your current methods.

Note down your company’s social media platforms, the amount of social media activity for each, and the amount of time you must devote to social media.

Build an internal network of people who know each other’s work. For instance, people who are great at writing but have trouble with design shouldn’t be given tasks that require them to design! When you know these aspects beforehand, your team of social media experts can create social content faster and to a higher standard.

Final Thoughts

Creating an effective social media team involves careful planning, a clear strategy, and strong leadership support. Identify your organisation’s needs, assemble a team with diverse skills, and provide ongoing training. 

Regularly assess and adapt your strategies to keep up with the changing social media landscape. With a well-structured team and a clear vision, you can also achieve impactful results and drive your social media efforts forward.


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