Apple Macbook Air M2 Review 2023

apple macbook air m2 review dubai 2023

The Apple MacBook Air M2 is one of Apple’s most popular laptops, offering a great combination of style, performance and value. It’s not the newest model on the market anymore but it still has plenty to offer! Here are our full thoughts on this new 13-inch Macbook Air M2.

Apple MacBook Air M2 Overview

The introduction of the new MacBook Air M2 could not be better. The new Macbook Air is a great laptop for those who want to take their work everywhere with them. Here are some features that make this machine an ideal companion:

  • It’s lightweight and portable, so you can bring it anywhere without worrying about lugging around extra weight or bulkier equipment. Plus, its 11-inch screen makes it easy to carry around in your bag or briefcase if needed!
  • You also get dual-core processors with up to 8GB RAM (not exactly speedy computers), which means they’ll keep running smoothly even if you’re doing lots of multitasking on them at once—something that can often slow down other laptops when more than one person uses their devices simultaneously.


The new Apple Macbook Air M2 continues to be one of our favorite mainstream laptops, with a great keyboard, solid trackpad and long battery life.

The 11-inch screen is crisp and clear. It has a resolution of 1,440 by 900 pixels (HD+) that makes everything look nice and sharp on your screen. We found text to be readable at any angle that you’re viewing it from, which is great for when you’re reading or working on something at an angle or outside in the sun.

The trackpad also works well: it’s large enough for comfortable use—and its smooth surface makes it easy to click around without accidentally activating something else in Windows 10 Home operating system (OS). And if there’s one thing we don’t like about this laptop’s design? The single USB-C port on the left side means that all power cables must be plugged into either side so they won’t get mixed up when charging two devices simultaneously; this can cause some frustration if you need both USB ports working together sometimes during different activities such as taking notes while watching videos/playing games online while typing out emails quickly after receiving them too!

Display and Audio

The display is an important aspect of any laptop, and the Macbook Air M2 has a 14.1-inch screen that offers 1920 x 1080 resolution. It’s bright enough to be used outdoors but not so bright that you can’t see clearly in dimly lit rooms.

The wide viewing angles make it easy for people sitting on either side of your desk to use the computer without having to worry about their vision being affected by glare from reflections off of its glossy surface (like other laptops).

It’s also worth noting that audio quality is excellent: If you have speakers or headphones connected through USB-C, they’ll work just fine; otherwise there are headphone jack connections located on both sides of this machine’s body along with a 3 mm stereo jack for external speakers/headphones too!

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is great. It’s backlit and has a nice, soft feel to it. Overall, I found the typing experience to be quite good on this laptop, even if it’s not as good as some other laptops that have been released in recent years.

The touchpad also works well for navigating Windows 10, though there are some issues with how smooth you can swipe or click with your finger when using a mouse (or trackpad) instead of just using two fingers on your hand like most people do today when they use an Apple device like this one!

Performance & Battery Life

The Macbook Air has a very good balance of portability and power. It’s one of the best laptops for students, business users, and just about anyone else who wants an all-around laptop that can do it all. The m2 is fast enough to run most things you throw at it without lag or skips. It’s also light enough to carry around easily if you need to take your Mac anywhere (like class).

The new Apple Macbook Air M2 continues to be one of our favorite mainstream laptops, with a great keyboard, solid trackpad and long battery life.

Apple Macbook Air M2 has a great keyboard that’s comfortable to type on even after hours of use. It has backlighted keys which makes it easy for you to use in the dark without straining your eyes or hurting your fingers as much as regular keyboards do.

The trackpad is also very responsive and easy to click on at any time during your day-to-day activities like browsing through social media feeds or doing some work in Microsoft Word documents or spreadsheets spreadsheets

The battery life is also impressive because it can last up until 2 days without charging if you’re careful about how much power it consumes while connected online via WiFi connection. If you’re someone who travels frequently with their laptop, this might be one of your best purchases yet!


The new Apple Macbook Air M2 continues to be one of our favorite mainstream laptops, with a great keyboard, solid trackpad and long battery life. We still have no major complaints about this product, which is why we give it four out of five stars!