A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sterling Silver Chain Length


In this blog post, we’ll recommend the most important factors when it comes to choosing the perfect sterling silver chain length that will not only update your appearance but also offer strong and long-lasting support, whether you’re searching for a fine Sterling Silver Chain to replace a broken chain or to give a beloved pendant a new lease of life.

We highly recommend reading our in-depth blog post on how to choose the perfect length for a sterling silver chain for your pendant before we offer you our exclusive guide on choosing the perfect length for your sterling silver chains. Even if you only skim this blog post, it will undoubtedly aid in decision-making and offer crucial factors to take into account when selecting a chain length.

Take a look at the different Sterling Silver Chain Length:


A lovely and delicate piece of jewellery, a 14-inch sterling silver chain is ideal for showcasing little pendants or charms. Because of its shorter length, it’s perfect for wearing stacked over longer chains or on people who want a snug fit around the neck. 

16 inches (40 centimetres) 

Comfortably, a chain of 16 inches (40 cm) falls at the nape of your neck. Because it fits around your neck like a collar, we refer to this chain length as a “collar-length” chain. One great example of a collar chain that accentuates your neckline is this 40cm Prince of Wales rope chain. 

18 inches (45 centimetres) 

The most typical and well-liked chain length is eighteen inches (45 cm) for necklaces. We call them princess-length chains in the business. These curb chains, like this 45cm (18 inches) one, go nicely with the majority of conventional necklines. You’ll discover fast that any event is appropriate for a princess-length chain. 

20-Inch (50cm)

A Matinee-length chain is one that is 20 inches (50 cm) long. A stunning curb chain measuring 50cm (20 inches) is one example. It is positioned between your bust and collarbone. The length of matinee necklaces looks stunning with dresses with plunging necklines, including bridal gowns or sophisticated evening wear. 

22 inches (55 centimetres)

A necklace of 22 inches (55 cm) is also known as matinée length. The 22-inch rests between the bust and collarbone, just like its smaller cousin. The primary distinction between it and the shorter 20-inch (50cm) chain is that it naturally rests a little lower. 

24-Inch (60-Cm) 

Finally, we reach the matinee chain length, which is the longest. The 60cm (24 inch) box chain is worn between the breast and collarbone. It will sit substantially closer to your bust than the shorter matinée lengths, adding a dramatic accent to your ensemble. Larger pendants typically hang from longer chains. Droplet designs, tassels, and lively charms are the ideal pendant styles to match this chain length.

26 Inch

A sterling silver chain, measuring 26 inches in length is known as Opera. It offers a flexible way to accessories different necklines. This balanced-looking, mid-length chain is appropriate for both formal and informal settings. 

28 inch

With its greater length, a 28-inch sterling silver chain (aka Opera) radiates sophistication and style, making it a stand-alone statement item. This chain looks great either alone or layered with shorter chains for a chic, customized style.

30 inch

A thirty-inch-long sterling silver chain, also known as Opera, adds a dramatic touch to any outfit. This chain’s longer length allows it to be worn in many different ways, making it appropriate for layering or a bold look when worn alone.


Selecting the Right Sterling Silver Chain Length

How can you choose the ideal chain length now that you are aware of the different ones? Take into account the following elements:

The length of the chain you choose will depend on the neckline of your ensemble. For low-cut shirts or dresses, go for shorter lengths like chokers or princess chains; longer lengths, like matinee or opera chains, go well with high-necked clothing.

When choosing a chain length, consider the form of your face. Oval faces may easily pull off a range of lengths, whereas round faces look best with longer chains that lengthen the neck.

For more depth and visual appeal, try combining and matching various chain lengths if you adore the layered effect. Try different combinations to determine which one best suits your style.

Last but not least, think about the event for which you are choosing the chain. For daily wear, choose shorter lengths; save longer lengths for formal occasions and evenings out.

Here’s hoping that this will be helpful enough the next time you think of buying a sterling silver chain.

Happy shopping, and happy shining!